Create/Manage your liquidity pools

Create a pool

You can create your own liquidity pool using the Create button.

Select both first and second tokens:

  • First Token: the token you want to list

  • Second Token: the quote token. Note that using JEX as second token has a lower cost than using WEGLD or USDC or a custom token.

  • Fee: 1 EGLD when using JEX as 2nd token, 2 EGLD when using WEGLD or USDC as 2nd token, 3 EGLD otherwise. Note that this fee might change.

Then you must claim ownership of the LP. After that you truly own the smart contract.

Then issue the LP token which will be used as a receipt for liquidity providers. Note that there is a 0.05 EGLD network fee to issue the token.

Then enable mint & burn of the LP token.

Next step if to add initial liquidity.

Note that the initial liquidity deposit defines the initial exchange rate of the tokens in the pool. Make sure to double-check the amounts.

The liquidity pool is now live and users are able to deposit liquidity.

Manage a pool

You can easily enable or disable swaps.

When swaps are enabled, the pool gets automatically configured in the DEX aggregator and appears in the Swap tool.

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