Token listing

Our system for listing tokens in our order book is called "permissionless". Any person can list a token on our platform to be available for the creation of a sale or purchase order.

Endpoint description

  • SC address: erd1qqqqqqqqqqqqqpgqmmxzmktd09gq0hldtczerlv444ykt3pz6avsnys6m9

  • Endpoint: communityListToken

  • Parameters:

    • token identifier

  • Payment: 25,000 $JEX (these $JEX are burned in the process)

  • Gas limit: 15,000,000


/// Permissionless token listing 
/// Caller pays listing fee in JEX 
fn community_list_token(&self, identifier: TokenIdentifier);

Notes :

  • The listing process will not fail if the token is already listed

  • After calling the endpoint, the token will appear within 15 minutes

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