The SWAP functionality of a decentralized exchange such as JEX allows users to exchange tokens (ESDT) directly, securely and without an intermediary on the MultiversX blockchain.

Our platform provides greater autonomy and security to users, as trades are executed via smart contracts on the blockchain, reducing the risk of fraud or hacking. Additionally, the swap functionality facilitates the liquidity of tokens, thereby providing greater efficiency and a better exchange experience for users.

Our platform, which also offers the possibility of creating limit orders allowing you to have an internal orderbook as well as to deposit liquidity, is also connected to the different DEXs present on MultiversX, such as:

  • OneDEX

  • AshSwap

  • DX25

  • Exrond

  • VestaDEX

  • xExchange

Our swap solution makes it possible to exploit liquidity on a set of products present on MultiversX and thus offer the user a better exchange rate using one or more routes.

For example, a swap of $USDC to $JEX can be done in 2 steps:

  • $USDC to $WEGLD on xExchange

  • $WEGLD to $JEX on JEXchangeDefi

In the case of simple routing, no additional charges will be applied.

In the case of multiple routing, fees will apply but will be covered by the advantageous exchange rate.

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