The official token identifier on the MultiversX blockchain is: JEX-9040ca

Token details are available on the official explorer:

Initially, there were 1,000,000,000 tokens. However, it should be noted that several "burn" operations were carried out, allowing nearly 75% of the initial supply to be burned.

Supply reduction

In addition to exceptional burn operations, mechanisms allow you to regularly burn $JEX:

  • Purchase of $JEX at market price with exchange fees intended for treasury (30% of fees generated)

  • Voluntary burn of $JEX by users on the Burnify platform

Token utilities

$JEX token has several uses within the ecosystem:

  • 50% of platform fees are donated to beneficiaries of the "Earn" program

  • Creation of proposals via the governance module

  • Voting for protocol improvement proposals

  • Purchase/Sale of NFTs on certain marketplaces

  • Participation in raffle

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