"Trade" interface allows you to perform 2 main actions:
  • Create buy or sell orders, which we will also call "Limit Orders"
  • Fully or partially complete a particular purchase or sale offer
This interface offers users advanced trading actions to best manage their portfolios, in particular by using limit orders which will be executed by exploiting the liquidity present throughout the MultiverseX ecosystem.

We will note several tools available:
  • a graph, in cooperation with the project e-Compass, allowing you to see the evolution over time of the selected pair
Graph example: BTC / USDC
  • an information table on the liquidity available via offers on the JEX
Liquidity for BTC / USDC
  • an information table on the latest trades made
Last trades for BTC / USDC
  • sell or buy selectors
Sell and buy selectors for the BTC / USDC pair
  • current offers for purchase or sale
Sell and buy orders on BTC / USDC

It should be noted that our platform is equipped with an arbitration bot. This bot is active on certain trading pairs and allows limit orders to be automatically filled as soon as liquidity is found on the JEX or on another DEX to which we are connected.
If the bot is active on a pair, a robot logo 🤖 will be visible to the right of it.
Pair with arbitrage bot enabled
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